Introduction to business funding with Mike Herd

Introduction to business funding

Not sure which type of business funding is right for you: an overwhelming number of options? Find out about the practical steps to take.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • That creating a sustainable financial model for your business is fundamental to your success.
  • How does your business generate cash / profit / value?
  • This event offers an introduction to how to use simple canvas tools to develop a fundable business model.
  • We look at what funding options may be available to your business and the advantages / disadvantages of each.
  • Is your business sustainable, lendable or investable?
  • This is a practical introduction to business funding.

When looking at funding, it is important that you take a rounded view of your business and be able to communicate the business model effectively. An important business tool is the Business Model Canvas (BMC), comprising nine building blocks that map the vision for your business or new venture. Investors, lenders, grant givers, partners and customers may all offer funding opportunities; the BMC provides a good way of communicating how the different parts of the business fit together and can help identify new opportunities.

Before the event, please take a look at the short Business Model Canvas video in the video link below, to understand the theory that communicates your business model, and the value it offers.

About Mike

is a highly experienced business advisor, non-executive director, coach and mentor. He has worked with many hundreds of entrepreneurs across multiple sectors to support them to realise the potential of their businesses and themselves.

• He is a member of the Combined Authority Business Board.

• Visiting Professor of Business & Law at Anglia Ruskin University.

• Holder of the Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion.

An innovation specialist, Mike has successfully launched new products and services within the public, private and academic sectors. He is experienced in raising grant and equity funds and preparing businesses for succession and Exit.

Mike led the creation and development of the Sussex Innovation Centre, one of the UK’s leading technology business incubators. At Sussex, he acted as a guide and advisor for businesses at all stages, from idea conception to Exit; he specialises in supporting individual entrepreneurs through the personal challenges and opportunities of running and growing a successful business. People often underestimate the emotional impact of their business decisions – it’s not just about the bottom line.

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