A brief introduction and overview of IP, including copyright, patents, trade marks and designs

Introduction to Intellectual Property

What will be covered in the session

An understanding of intellectual property and how to protect it is crucial for anyone with an idea that they want to commercialise. Intellectual property can cover books, plays, computer software, designs and all manner of inventions. This online webinar will introduce you to the main areas of intellectual property and help you understand which may apply to you and your business or business idea. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

In this presentation Benedict will introduce four main types of IP:

  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Trade marks
  • Designs

For each of these Benedict will discuss:

  • What the IP is
  • How you get the IP
  • How long the IP lasts
  • What the IP gets you
  • Points to consider

This webinar is not offering legal advice. To obtain this, you would need to arrange an appointment with an IP solicitor or attorney.

What is intellectual property (IP)?

Intellectual property (IP) rights are important for all businesses either large or small and at any stage of their growth. IP rights prevent unauthorised exploitation of the IP, for example, unauthorised manufacture, importation, or sale of a product covered by a patent or bearing a registered trade mark and enable people or businesses to receive financial benefit from what they create or invent.

Your Speaker – Benedict Sharrock-Harris

Benedict is an associate in Venner Shipley’s legal services team, specialising in contentious intellectual property matters. Benedict qualified as solicitor in 2019, having completed his training contract at global law firm, Reed Smith. On qualification, he worked for two years at a boutique music firm in the West End, where he specialised in soft-IP disputes, especially in the music industry, prior to joining Venner Shipley. Benedict graduated from Kings College London with a degree in Law, before completing the LPC and his LL.M at the University of Law. The title of his LL.M dissertation (for which he received a distinction) was ‘A Patently Obvious Change? – An Analysis of the Advantages of the Proposed European Unitary Patent over the Current European Patent’.

Website Link: https://www.vennershipley.co.uk/

About Venner Shipley

Venner Shipley is a prominent full-service European intellectual property firm with a uniquely diverse team. Our leading group of patent attorneys, trademark and design attorneys, patent solicitors and barristers provide complete IP service to our client base.

We specialise in a variety of sectors, enabling innovations across industries to be protected for your business. Our team consists of individuals with real industry experience, so we can offer market-leading insights and advice in intellectual property law.

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