A 1-hour online overview of transitioning to Net Zero.

An Introduction to Net Zero

The session focuses on introducing net zero and the importance of this for Small to Medium Size Enterprise businesses in the UK.

You will hear from Lorna Beston, Vertical Head of Sustainability for Barclays Business Banking, and Adam Bastock, Founder of Small99, who provide an overview of what transitioning to net zero may mean for these types of businesses and, crucially, some practical steps that they could take to get them started on their transition journey.

Hear examples of some of the ways in which SME’s are embarking on their transition journey, some potential ways to get started, examples of success and challenges, along with hints and tips.

There will be 15 minutes of Q and A at the end of this session where you will have the opportunity to submit any questions of your own to the panel.

To attend or register your interest, contact: Event information