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Join Fadwa Joud for a talk in Cambridge

CJBS: Cambridge Alumni Event: CamDTtech

Join Fadwa Joud for a talk in Cambridge

Please join Fadwa Joud (EMBA 2019) and the Digital Transformation & Emerging Technologies CamDTtech ASIG group for an evening of networking at Cambridge Judge Business School.

Cristina Savian (EMBA 2016) will be providing the keynote about ‘Unleashing the Power of Lean Construction with Digital Twins: Transforming the User Experience for Today and Tomorrow’

The talk will discuss how the seamless integration of built assets and human interaction creates a mesmerising user experience. Digital Twins, the catalysts for this transformation, are set to revolutionise how we engage with our surroundings. By swiftly adapting to evolving societal trends, Digital Twins empowers us to forge new paths in urban planning, space exploration, and beyond. Explore how visionary organisations harness Digital Twins’ power worldwide to prototype, simulate, and optimise critical systems.

Register: Cambridge Alumni event: CamDTtech – Cambridge Judge Business School