Sony Research Award Program Webinar

Sony Research Award Program

It’s time to innovate with Sony! Apply for the 2023 Sony Research Award Program.

Learn more about the Sony Research Award Program, submission guidelines, and application deadlines during Sony’s webinar with Mark Ortiz, senior manager of the Strategy & Planning Office for Sony Corporation of America’s R&D Center U.S. Laboratory.

The Sony Research Award Program is an academic award initiative created to provide U.S., Canadian, select European countries, and Indian universities funding for emerging and innovative technology research projects in collaboration with Sony’s own research division. The program comprises the Faculty Innovation Award and the Focused Research Award within three broad subject categories: Information Technology, Devices & Materials, and Life Sciences. The Program is now in its eighth year.

With awards of up to $150,000 per year for each accepted proposal, the Sony Research Award Program creates new opportunities for university faculty to engage in pioneering research that could drive new technologies, industries, and the future.

Please see Sony Research Award Program website for additional details.

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This is a webinar for UIDP university members and non-members. There is no fee, but registration is required.


Who Should Attend 

University research office personnel, industry liaison office personnel, technical department chairs, and potential principal investigators who are dedicated to forming research partnerships to lead their groups to advance innovative research.


This is an informational webinar with an opportunity for Q&A with the speaker at the end. Participation is welcome and encouraged.

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