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An overview tour showing the capabilities of the 3D Bioelectronics Facility

3D Bioelectronics Facility

The Royce 3D Bioelectronics Facility at the University of Cambridge is designed for physical scientists and engineers to test the interaction of 3D materials and bioelectronic devices with cells.

Our focus is on facilitating researchers with limited access to cell biology equipment in the fabrication and subsequent analysis of 3D-cell interfacing constructs.

Cell-biological training provided at the 3D Bioelectronics Facility encourages networking between researchers from a range of disciplines. This facility is embedded within the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy to capitalise on their expertise. Equipment falls into six categories:

  • Ice-templating equipment to fabricate porous 3D materials from aqueous suspensions.
  • Cell culture equipment for growth and maintenance of cells in 3D culture.
  • Electrical acquisition equipment to analyse cell behaviour on novel materials and bioelectronic devices.
  • Simultaneous optical and electrical measurement of cells and materials via two-photon microscopy with integrated electrophysiology.
  • Apparatus to section 3D samples.
  • Equipment to transport live cell containing devices to and from the 3D Bioelectronics Facility.

This tour will give an overview of the capabilities of the 3D Bioelectronics Facility as well as information on booking, funding opportunities and the work of the Royce Institute.

For more information about Royce Facilities @ Cambridge please contact and see our full equipment listing at:

Location: Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, 27 Charles Babbage Road, Cambridge CB3 0FS 

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