A 1-day connection and deep-dive opportunity into with the UK health system, policy, and innovation

Women’s Health Innovation Summit UK

Whilst the UK is a leader in women’s health and boasts over 145 femtech companies51% of its population faces obstacles when it comes to the care they need and there is so much opportunity to be had in this burgeoning sector.

Consequently, the government, and Dame Lesley Regan, have worked to create the 10-year roadmap including ambitions and actions to improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls in England.

Building on the concrete foundations of our global Women’s Health Innovation Series, this event will harness the momentum of the recently announced UK government’s women’s health strategy, and drive it forward, connecting the dots between private business, innovation and capital with government, policy, and regulatory officials. This forum will analyse the challenges and possibilities of this strategy, specifically through considering the opportunities for industry implementation.

An event led by UK leaders, created for UK leaders: we look forward to welcoming you to London to be the catalyst for the development of this strategy.

To attend or register your interest, contact: Event information