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Bio-Spark is a fellowship programme providing internships, mentorship and networking opportunities


Bio-spark is an entrepreneurial programme and support system for early-career academics considering a career in business and enterprise.

The programme is a gateway into industry and startup formation. It is a fellowship programme that provides internships at Pharma, Biotech or Venture partners, mentorship for those with ideas for setting up companies, and networking opportunities for all Bio-spark fellows. Bio-spark is a “learn by experience” programme that runs outside of PhD and postdoc responsibilities.

There are three types of Bio-spark fellows:

  • Exploring fellows who wish to experience the networking opportunities with partner companies and biotech role models in the Cambridge ecosystem
  • Challenge-solving fellows who wish to do internships and engage with partner companies through solving challenges
  • Company-seeding fellows who have ideas for setting up companies and need mentoring and funding opportunities

The annual programme runs over eight months (from October until June).

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To attend or register your interest, contact: