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Cambridge Future Tech is a technology-first venture builder working closely with top-tier universities

Cambridge Future Tech

A uniquely technology-first venture builder, working closely with top-tier universities, for positive global impact.

The team has experience in large corporates and in their own early-stage startups, having worked directly in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, and Industry 4.0.

Through its DeepTech Venture Building as a Service, the scale, reach, and execution capabilities of your organisation can come together with the people, processes, and networks of CFT.

The CFT Venture Builder is tailored to the unique needs of each venture. It believes that a one-size-fits-all approach does not align with the needs of an early-stage DeepTech company.

They assess each company individually and tailor its support accordingly. The route to commercialisation varies with each technology or team and therefore so does our approach.

The Venture Builder model is uniquely suited to navigate the challenge of commercialising innovation.

CFT combines the disruptive agility of a startup with the essential structure and economics of an established team. This allows them to deploy the resources, network and commercial acumen required to build successful companies.

The Cambridge Future Tech Venture Builder provides inventors, innovators and founders with the tools and collaboration required to succeed in building a DeepTech company..

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