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CUE educates and encourages students to consider entrepreneurial careers

​Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE)

Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE) is a community for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Since 1999, they have supported and accelerated business innovation and entrepreneurship and have provided training for hundreds of students, staff and alumni.

CUE educates and encourages students to consider entrepreneurial careers and is renowned for hosting some of the most successful student-run business creation competitions in the world. They have traditionally hosted four competitions annually: £100 for 100 words, the £2k competition, the £10k competition and the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. To date, they have awarded over £600,000 in prize money to more than 60 start-ups many of whom have developed into successful companies. In addition, a new CUE flagship competition has been launched with identical format as Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, but with increased £20k prize money for the winners.

A supportive and inclusive community, CUE provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals. With access to a wide range of resources, events, and networking opportunities, CUE is a fantastic launchpad for anyone looking to start their own business and make a real impact. The new CV database allows students interested in start-ups to submit their CVs, which are shared with relevant sponsor firms.

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