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Cambridge Zero offers programmes, workshops, challenges and leadership opportunities

Cambridge Zero

Cambridge Zero aims to maximise the University of Cambridge’s contribution towards achieving a resilient and sustainable zero-carbon world. Acting as both hub and umbrella, Cambridge Zero integrates and enhances the University’s activities through:

• Research and innovation to drive technological and social change

• Education and training to provide the skills needed to deliver a different future

• Engagement with a broad coalition of stakeholders to develop solutions collectively

• Leading by example by supporting ambitious decarbonisation Engage for Change is a free 12-week programme for students culminating in the design and implementation of students’ own sustainability related interventions.

The Future Leaders programme offers undergraduates and recent graduates paid summer internships with Cambridge Zero. Placements are eight weeks long and provide interns with the key skills and knowledge needed for successful careers within the climate and sustainability space.

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To attend or register your interest, contact: Dr Erik Mackie