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A guide through early critical steps of research impact and commercialisation

CRoSS Software Hatchery

Are you developing novel software through your research? You might be developing a tool, method, platform or service which could be scaled and adopted by individuals, companies or organisations outside of academia. Perhaps you are considering how to turn your work into a viable product, or how to create a business or social enterprise to help scale-up your idea? The Hatchery is focused on establishing new products and services which can deliver measurable and scalable social or environmental impact, whether enabled by research evidence, practice, lived experience, technologies, or expertise.

All disciplines are welcome, for applications with a strong emphasis on understanding and tackling societal and environmental challenges through novel software solutions. Applications are especially welcome from researchers in arts, humanities and social sciences and from inter/multidisciplinary projects; and from researchers who have previously been involved in public engagement or policy engagement and are curious about entrepreneurial and innovation pathways.

The programme will guide researchers through the early critical steps of research impact and commercialisation, and help them understand how social innovations are brought to market by offering hands-on insight, mentorship and practical tools.

Expressions of interest are invited for the January 2024 start date and bursaries and other support may be available to enable participation.

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