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Hackbridge is a student community offering challenging side-projects to enhance learning


Hackbridge is a student community founded by two Cambridge Engineering students who wanted to bring the “hacker” culture to Cambridge and supercharge students’ learning via side-projects outside of their course. Hackbridge helps students develop practical skills by facilitating challenging projects that create either novel research or commercial products.

The society has grown into a community of around 70 students across disciplines and year groups, who are developing over 20 deeply challenging projects that range from Machine Learning, to Blockchain to SaaS products.

As well as providing opportunities to work on existing projects, Hackbridge Jumpstart is a hub that provides mentorship, workshops, and exit plans to support students to work on their own ideas and start their own company. JumpStart members are accepted on a rolling basis with two mass intakes at the start of Michaelmas and Lent terms.

Open to all students.

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