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King’s College Entrepreneurship Lab offers a year-long extracurricular programme

King’s College Entrepreneurship Lab

King’s College Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) equips people with entrepreneurial skills and supports those wishing to explore a career path in innovation, entrepreneurship and business. Emphasis is on developing sustainable and ethical projects with a positive social and environmental impact.

The E-Lab offers a year-long extracurricular programme open to all (undergrads to fellows) from any subject. Participants learn to assess opportunities, conduct a market analysis, prepare a business plan, manage a dynamic team, as well as the basics of venture finance and pitching. The programme cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset which can be applied to the participant’s own business project, social enterprise, or research project.

The E-Lab welcomes biweekly high-calibre speakers who offer expertise and latest industry knowledge, and hosts an Entrepreneur in Residence (as well as a Visiting Entrepreneur programme) who provides students, staff and fellows with mentoring, guidance, practical advice and connections to help them succeed in their entrepreneurship journey.

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To attend or register your interest, contact: Katrina Purser