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The p2i programme provides entrepreneurial training to early career researchers

Postdocs to Innovators (p2i)

Postdocs to innovators (p2i) is a collaborative Network of international Higher Education institutes and global businesses, led by the Postdoc Academy, University of Cambridge. It aims to unlock the innovation potential from these postdoc communities.

The p2i Network provides training and events that help postdocs adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and apply skills and tools from the business world to increase impact from their research and pursue their career ambitions in and outside academia.

p2i helps build the confidence and credibility of researchers to engage with businesses for research collaborations and with stakeholders of entrepreneurial ecosystems. It provides an increased number of postdocs with the belief and know how that they could create impact from their research through starting a company. The p2i online course and in person programmes and events are designed to work around /alongside the busy schedules of postdocs.

Through participating in p2i programmes, researchers expand their networks internationally with likeminded researchers, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

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To attend or register your interest, contact: Katia Smith-Litière