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Starting a company or social venture?

Venture Building & Investment

With over 20 years’ experience in company creation and venture investment, the Cambridge Enterprise Ventures team have the expertise to help you start a company or social venture. Whether you are a student or academic, they can support with:

  • advising on ‘translational’ or early-stage funding to help you scope the commercial potential of your idea
  • guiding on the elements that are needed in preparation for speaking with investors
  • early stage seed funding investment from £20k to £1m.
  • introducing experienced experts and mentors who can help build strong, professional teams as the spin-out
  • managing the milestone payments generated by the underlying intellectual property (IP) licence fees and royalties
  • assisting with ongoing business management, including links to later stage investors.

Cambridge Enterprise Ventures may invest in 3 or 4 rounds for a company with a maximum of £2m of University funds committed. They also manage investment of an EIS fund alongside which can double the financing at seed stage and beyond for EIS eligible rounds. Investment options include –

Pathfinder / Software Pathfinder / Social Pathfinder – up to £20k
Pre-seed funding – up to £150k
Seed investment – up to £500k
Follow on investment – £500k – £1m alongside other investors to provide continued support as a company grows.


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