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The Frame Shift Bio-incubator is offered by the Milner Therapeutics Institute

The Frame Shift Bio-incubator

The Frame Shift Bio-incubator provides space for start-ups and SMEs.

Frame Shift provides unique space for startups and SMEs to work side-by-side with other startups, pharma and academic scientists in an ecosystem physically and culturally designed to spark collaboration and entrepreneurship. It has a particular focus on R&D intensive companies working in areas related to the Milner Institute’s expertise (e.g. functional genomics, early target discovery, therapeutics).

Frame Shift offers:

  • Wet lab space and write-up desks at the heart of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.
  • Potential for interactions with clinicians, researchers and drug discovery scientists at the University and hospitals on the biomedical campus.
  • Advice and research input from the Milner Institute research teams.
  • Know-how and expertise of representatives of the 12 Milner affiliated pharma companies that are part of the Milner Consortium.
  • Membership of an exclusive network of 70+ affiliated global pharma and biotech companies, and access to Milner events including the annual Milner Therapeutics Symposium.

Companies usually join Frame Shift as a team of one to three people and stay for 18-24 months. During this time, many secure successful funding, enabling their teams to expand and move out to other premises by the time their teams have exceeded eight people in the Milner.

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